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Many vehicle owners believe that getting their car or truck detailed in the Winter season is not a good idea and that having newly waxed and polished exterior is only beneficial during the warmer months. However, getting a car detail in the winter is one of the best things to do! A winter car detail is simply getting an auto detail in the winter months.

Exterior Auto Detailing in Ossining, NY: Why is Exterior Car Detailing in Winter Important?

When salt is applied to roads during the winter months, it can quickly attach to the exterior of your vehicle and band the white lining of road salt will be easily noticeable. This may seem just a visual problem that can be put off until the spring, however it can deteriorate the paint on your automobile, which gives you a greater purpose to take it to your best car wash and detail center near you.

As for the interior of your vehicle, the cold temperatures that occur in Ossining, NY and Westchester County can cause damages to your leather, vinyl, and plastic components, as they experience levels of shrinking and expanding with the hot and cold temperatures. The interior surfaces of your vehicle can be protected for becoming dry, brittle, and splitting apart with interior car detailing services by Ultra Clean Care Wash.

Because your vehicle will benefit from interior and exterior auto detailing services throughout each season of the year, Ultra Clean Car Wash of Ossining, NY provides the same comprehensive detailing services all year round. You can click the following link for a complete list of our car wash and auto detailing services and pricing. Contact us today at 914-941-5564 to schedule an appointment or stop by our car wash center located at 199 S Highland Ave Ossining, NY.

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