How Often Should I Wash My Car? | Westchester, NY

Washing your car is very important to its overall appearance and performance. It removes contaminants such as debris, pollen, tree sap, insects, salt, air-borne pollutants from attaching to your automobile. The majority of Westchester auto detailing and car wash professionals advice washing your vehicle once a week to effectively remove potential contaminants from damaging its exterior.

You may be thinking of all the additional costs associated with taking your car to the car wash four times a month. Ultra Clean Car Wash and Detailing Center of Ossining offers Membership advantages that will save you money. Our staff at Ultra Clean Car Wash is fully dedicated to our customer satisfaction and bringing your car back to it’s original luster. We treat each of our customers as a member of our family, so coming in is as easy as coming home.

You should take into consideration the following when determining how often your vehicle requires a visit to the car wash.

  1. Your Location: If you live in an industrial areas, near the ocean, or in a part of Westchester County where there is a great deal of trees and insects.
  2. How Often You Drive: The more often you drive your car, the more it is exposed to the contaminants mentioned earlier in this article. Exposure to contaminates will have an effect on the luster of your paints and finish.
  3. Seasonal Weather Elements: What type of weather is your car exposed to? Rain storms, excessive sun and heat, cold temperatures, snow and road salt?
  4. Is Your Car Garaged?: – Do you store your car in a closed garage? Do you park your truck or car in the drive way? Do you keep your car parked on the street? Is it parked under trees?
  5. Maintain Car Resell Value: Regular car washes will help maintain appearance and overall resale value. A regular car wash is an inexpensive way to keep your car looking great—increasing its resale value.

Getting your car washed on a consistent basis does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. With Ultra Clean Car Wash , you can now receive an affordable car wash whenever it is required. We are located at 199 S Highland Ave, in Ossining, NY. Our expert team at Ultra Clean Car Wash is available to answer any of your questions at (914) 941-5564. We are looking forward to seeing you, and help you get your car looking brand new this season!

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